About Us

Our story Niptt Gear came about (like most product ideas) after hearing time and time again about this bleeding nip issue from my guy running family and friends.

Enjoying a fabulous family beach week in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina after our requisite morning runs, hearing yet again the frustration of finding a good and comfortable solution for the guys to protect their chest came up yet again.

Bandages…yes they work well until you sweat profusely and they fall off. Reapplication always was problematic because a) you’re sweaty b) hairy and c) sweaty and hairy. Also, if they do have super crazy adhesive you are protected from nip chafe, but taking them off…..OUCH! A tortuous way to end a good run.

Surely there was a comfortable solution?

After soliciting input, countless prototype tests with lots of great feedback and insights Niptt Gear was born.

Designed for runners, by runners we think we’ve found your solution to end the nip chafing suffered by so many male runners.